Beautiful hotel garden

Beautiful hotel garden
with lakes and unique attractions Thermal Park and Tropico Beach

Hotel Ondrášův dvůr is located in the heart of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains, surrounded by deep Carpathian forests, clean mountain air and numerous springs and streams, thanks to which the nearby settlement Mezivodí („Interwater“), part of the mountain village Bílá, got its name.

In addition, the entire hotel complex is literally permeated with a beautiful garden, full of romantic nooks, lakes and ponds, including swimming pond. The surrounding area offers countless opportunities to wander through the breathtaking landscape of the Czech-Slovak border, cycling and skiing.

The resort itself is one of the best equipped facilities of its kind, not only in the Czech Republic.

In addition to comfortable accommodation, a family atmosphere and excellent cuisine, it offers generous spa and wellness facilities, indoor and outdoor, with an area of ​​2500 square meters, especially in the newly opened wellness and entertainment center Beskydy Therme.

Beside the sauna world, indoor thermal pool and outdoor swimming lakes, you can also find here unique attractions such as Thermal Park or Tropico Beach. In addition to water and heat and relaxation in all its forms, our team of masseuses will also take care of your body and senses, but also bartenders and sommelier, who will serve you selected drinks in the wine cellar or in one of the 4 bars or wine bar, but also directly to private vats in our famous Thermal Park.

Whether you prefer top wines from South Moravia or France, selected by excellent experts, or you want to taste one of the drinks on the only inner Tropico Beach while watching the concert, or directly under the starry sky in a hot tub, your body and soul will come to their senses.

A unique concept of combining relaxation and entertainment, mixed in a cocktail of pleasures for body and senses, flavored with the addition of aromas, music, colors and flavors, in an environment full of beauty and romance, this is our fairy tale for adults – this is Hotel Ondrášův dvůr.

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Sister´s aparthotel Martiňák

It has been over 200 years since old man Martiňák laid the foundations of a pub on a hill with his bare hands, which still stands far from the people. She received the greatest fame when the train from Ostrava to Čeladná started running. Winter used to be harsh, and the pub was the only one on the way – that’s why it attracted all sorts of talkers and metallurgists with their light, who were returning home from work.

In 1927 the pub was bought by the Czech Tourists Club. Unfortunatelly it didn’t take long for a world war to break out. The pub was so well hidden that it served the guerrillas – they made their base in it. In October 1944, it was also used by the staff of the 1st Brigade of Jan Žižka, who laid down his life for his activities in the resistance. After the war, the building had a lot of owners, one way or another, from all corners of the country.

Today, the mountain Hotel Martiňák thrives under the wings of the Beskydy Resort. Although the hotel underwent a complete renovation in 2016, its history and true Wallachian nature remain the same. Nothing else has changed – in the peace of the mountains, everyone who wants to enjoy carefree days in a real Wallachian village will find refuge. Exchange your daily life in the city for a romance far from civilization for a while. The first houses are almost a kilometer away from the hotel – you will not experience such peace and family well-being as here.

Adult-only concept

Since 2018, our entire hotel complex has been open only to people over the age of 15. We chose this concept for safety reasons, as our entire complex consists of a number of garden ponds, large ornamental rocks, walls, etc. and the entire space is open so that the guest can perceive the beauty of our gardens without restrictions.


Beside this, we also wanted to focus on adult clients with our services and therefore you will find, among other things, a swimming pool, use the possibility of the nudist beach by the lake or spend the evening in one of our music-clubs. Just as other hotels have decided to focus on families with children, we are given the above focus on the adults. We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and enjoy the relax.